In The Startup World, Everything is (Im)possible?

Startup Group

Like most of you, I am what you would call a mad scientist(Okay in this case you can call me entrepreneur) I will get loaded and try out pretty much every program, sign up for any beta available and provide almost everything considered an opportunity. If you have got a fantastic idea? Let's go out for a lunch to discover more.

And though I'm living no where close to Silicon Valley, I have discovered a few things about how the startup town works over lunches with creators with ideas equally mad and pretty amazing. You will be moved just by reading this.

And sometimes, we see businesses like Instagram being bought for $1 billion. However, the gold rush could not continue forever, and now we are on the opposite end of the cycle: with technology investing cooling dramatically. A very good exemplar for this idea would be Apple. Have you seen anything recently with their products? Not saying they're bad, it just wan't like before.

Big buyouts and large investments turned into news for this specific reason: they are rare. Though we all still believe we have got million dollar ideas and a method of pulling them off way better than the Instagrams of this planet, for some, it is enough to start them off on the trip to Silicon Valley. But is it authentic? When I listen to people talks, as do many other people, I often feel that Silicon Valley is the only alternative we have. And I had enough.

I did so even though I had a few terrific ideas (I thought) were worth millions. Naturally, here is a word of advice: one enormous fundraising mistake would be to believe VCs want to invest in million dollar companies in the first location. No - if they do not see your business as being valued over $1 billion in the next few years, investment is rare to find.

Investors, they need big ideas. Ieas which have the potential of getting billion dollar companies, here colloquially called Unicorns, and helping them get major returns. The idea is, even if the company does not split the stratosphere into a $1 billion valuation, it will still land someplace interesting, usually in the $100s of millions. In the event you or your company does not fit into this situation, there is not a really very good chance you or your company will get the sort of financing that you see many businesses getting in Silicon Valley.

You require a killer idea if you want to be successful in the world of startup

Want to know whether you've nailed it? Kindly request a moment from 50 strangers, clarify what you are building, and see what they say. Do not convince them, and do not fear they will slip it (they won't) - just listen. If the larger majority of people believe it's a fantastic idea and want your product at this time, and a few are even ready to pay, you may have something fundable. Might as well be successful.

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